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Maryland Soft Landing Program

​Soft landing programs are a way for foreign companies to explore and enter a new market with greater local support and less risk than through traditional investment approaches. The Maryland Department of Commerce recognizes that soft landing programs are an important tool to assist interested companies to navigate the US market. 

To help companies identify the soft landing program that best meets their needs, Commerce has coordinated with existing soft landing programs to provide a comprehensive package of options for potential investors. The program is also supporting Maryland companies, as reciprocal agreements for programs in other countries to facilitate Maryland exporters to explore new markets abroad are also available.

Soft Landing Program Benefits

Both in-person and virtual soft landing programs are available. Features of Maryland’s soft landing programs include: 
  1. Allow a foreign company to land up to two staff at a time for up to three months, at a business office facility where they are able to “plug and play” and have access to the facility amenities, such as internet and conference rooms. All listed soft landing programs provide these costs for up to three months at a reduced monthly rate. 
  2. Provide access, during the three month soft landing period, to relevant learning, networking, and mentoring services offered by the facility that would typically be included for long-term members. All soft landing programs provide at least two out of the following five types of services:
    • Educational programs/training on various business topics
    • Access to mentors, advisors, or entrepreneurs-in-residence
    • Strategic partnerships or other special programs
    • Funding for participants
    • Networking events
  3. At least five targeted matchmaking meetings with companies and/or organizations in Maryland. 
  4. Assistance with business registration and navigating state regulations
  5. Many soft landing programs offer additional services or features. Please check with the individual programs listed below to learn more about the offerings of each program.

For Foreign Companies

Soft landing programs are available at the following institutions throughout Maryland:  

For more information about this program, please contact Jessica Reynolds, Senior Director,  

For Maryland Companies

Maryland maintains partnerships around the world and can assist you with soft landing connections in other markets where you may be seeking to expand. We have over 15 active partnerships, so please contact Jessica Reynolds, Senior Director, for more information.