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Business Telework Assistance Grant

The Business Telework Assistance Grant Program assists businesses and non-profits with retaining and creating jobs across the state. The program provides grants of up to $25,000 to help businesses and non-profits expand telework capabilities for their employees. These grants will help applicants purchase the equipment necessary to develop and implement telework policies, including hardware, software, and technical services.
The Telework Assistance Grant Program is a result of the Chapter 696, Acts 2021, which established the Office of Telework Assistance within the Department of Commerce. This office oversees a variety of activities related to assisting companies with implementing telework. Learn more about the Office of Telework Assistance


Teleworking provides many benefits to employers and employees, including: 
  • Employee recruitment and retention. 
  • Employees who can telework instead of relocating may allow employers to even hire employees they would otherwise not be able to hire.
  • A better work-life balance by offering more flexibility, and avoiding stresses like rush hour traffic.  
  • Improved employee morale
  • Happier employees tend to be more productive.


Eligible businesses must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • Be in the process of developing a telework policy that conforms to the best practices established by the Office of Telework Assistance within the Department of Commerce;
  • Be an existing business in good standing with the state of Maryland;
  • Have a physical location in Maryland; and
  • Have not previously received a Business Telework Assistance grant from the department.


The application submission period has closed. Applicants will receive correspondance about their application status by April 29.

Required Documents:
  • Detailed documentation must be provided using the Project Cost Documentation Template
  • Annual Revenues of the Business (Profit and Loss Statements)
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Maryland Certificate of Good Standing (A dated screen shot is acceptable, and can be obtained here.


Sarah Sheppard 
Director, Education and Workforce
Division of Business & Industry Sector Development