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Maryland Manufacturing 4.0

​The Maryland Manufacturing 4.0 grant program provides grants to small and mid-sized Maryland manufacturers to invest in Industry 4.0-related technologies, machinery and robotics, and digital business practices in order to remain competitive and drive growth. 20% of the funds will be reserved for small manufacturers with 3-50 employees.


Companies that invest in Industry 4.0 technologies can benefit from increased productivity and sales, cost savings, retention of employees, and more. Awarded grants will cover 75% of project costs for small manufacturers and 50% of project costs for mid-sized manufacturers with 51-250 employees, with a minimum grant of $25,000 and a maximum grant of $500,000. Projects must clearly demonstrate a tie to Industry 4.0, and a long term strategy for Industry 4.0 adoption.

Examples of qualified projects and investments include: 
  • Advanced Sensor Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence for continuous improvement of efficiency and productivity
  • Big Data & Analytics – investing in systems that allow manufacturers to better analyze the data collected within their operation, turning data into actionable insights that drive better decision-making
  • Cloud computing and cybersecurity solutions
  • Embedded software system applications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Data Analytics software
  • Robots and autonomous equipment to help automate workflow (replacement of existing equipment would not be qualified)
  • Systems integration projects – either vertically sharing data within the organization to improve efficiencies, or horizontally across supply chains 
  • Employee training and /or consulting costs associated with the implementation of the new systems/technologies/equipment 


To be eligible for an M4.0 grant, your business must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be an existing business in good standing with the State of Maryland
  • Have between 3 and 250 total full-time employees (defined as an employee who works at least 1,800 hours in a 12-month period)
  • Have a two-digit NAICS code of 31-33
  • Have been established for a minimum of 3 years
  • Be in good standing with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Maryland Occupational Safety and Health regulations
  • Demonstrate an ability to successfully implement the proposed project
  • Demonstrate an overall commitment to, or strategy for, Industry 4.0 adoption
  • Demonstrate ability to provide matching funds

Applications are expected to be highly competitive - the larger the request, the more detailed and exceptional the proposal should be. The Maryland Department of Commerce will be seeking to fund as many proposals as possible.

Recipients of FY2023 Maryland Manufacturing 4.0 Grants may choose to apply if their current grant is completed, but should understand that priority will be given to new applicants who have not previously received funding .



  • Grants of $25,000-$500,000 will be made available to manufacturers to adopt new technologies, machinery and robotics, and digital business practices in order to remain competitive and drive growth.
  • Grant awards will vary based on the applicant's total investment, and the applicant must demonstrate matching funds as follows:
      • 3-50 employees - 25% match requirement (grants up to 75% of total project costs)
      • 51-250 employees - 50% match requirement (grants up to 50% of total project costs)
  • Applicants must be an established Maryland manufacturing business and demonstrate experience, technical expertise and financial capacity to implement the proposed modernization project. 
  • Eligible costs include but are not limited to expenses such as machinery, equipment, software, implementation/installation costs, and training of employees on use of the new technology. 
  • Consultant fees directly associated with implementation of the eligible project costs, such as design and layout of new equipment, soft costs such as license fees, and training costs are permitted, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Funding decisions will be made based on a variety of evaluation criteria, including but not limited to technical capability, operational experience, and financial capacity supporting the project. 
  • Funds will be disbursed as follows: 50% at notice of award, with remaining 50% paid upon completion with proof of expenses. 
  • Grant awards are competitive and limited to available funds.


David Minges
M4 Program Grant Manager