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Child Care Capital Support Revolving Loan Fund

​The Child Care Capital Support Revolving Loan Fund is a financing resource operated by the Department of Commerce, with support from the State Department of Education, to provide no-interest loans for capital expenses to child care providers who participate in the State Department of Education's Child Care Scholarship Program.


Qualifying Borrowers

The Child Care Provider must be licensed by the State Department of Education and a participant in the State Department of Education’s Child Care Scholarship Program. Priority is given to Maryland child care providers:
  • Located in underserved communities or areas designated by the State Department of Education as lacking available child care slots,
  • Located in rural communities,
  • Serving primarily low-income populations in areas of high poverty,
  • Serving children with special needs, and
  • Serving children ages 2 and younger.

Qualifying Capital Expenses

Loans may only be used for capital expenses related to a child care facility including:  Acquisition, Expansion, Renovation, and New Construction.
  • Acquisition: Purchase of an existing child care facility
  • Expansion: Construction or purchase of add’l space to an existing child care facility)
  • Renovation: Repairs, renovation, upgrades of an existing child care facility
  • New Construction: Construction of a new child care facility


  • Businesses other than child care providers are not eligible.
  • Loans are intended for current projects and may not be used to refinance existing debt.
  • Proceeds cannot be used for working capital or operations (for example: marketing, payroll, lease or rent expense, supplies, utilities, etc).


  • Applicant must possess a valid child care license to apply.
  • Loan proceeds must be used for a child care facility location operating in Maryland.
  • Loans must be repaid within five years after receiving the loan proceeds.
  • Additional funds may be added to the project by the owner, sponsor or other intermediary.
  • Collateral is required and may include, but is not limited to personal guarantees, liens on business assets and pledges of accounts.


  • With no-interest or application fees charged, the Child Care Capital Support Revolving Loan Fund offers a convenient, cost-effective financing resource for qualifying providers seeking to make capital improvements to maintain or grow child care enrollment.
  • There are no prepayment penalties.


For applications to be considered the information listed below must be provided.  Applicants should work with their advisor(s) completing the application.  Incomplete applications cannot be considered.
  • A listing of all owners and percentages of ownership; resume of principal owner(s).
  • Valid Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) license.
  • Evidence of participation in MSDE Child Care Scholarship Program.
  • A description of the child care facility (when established, where located, staffing, enrollment figures, programs provided)
  • A summary of how the loan will be used (e.g. renovations, repairs, equipment, furnishings, expansion
  • Financial projections demonstrating the capacity to meet operating expenses (payroll, utilities, supplies etc. and repay the no-interest loan within five years after receiving the funds. (template provided on the application).
  • Current Personal Financial Statement of principal owner(s).
  • Personal Federal Income Tax Returns with all Schedules (most recent three years).
  • Business Federal Income Tax Returns with all Schedules (most recent three years).
  • Description and estimated value of collateral to be provided to secure the loan. 

Applications will be accepted October 16, 2023 through December 15, 2023.

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program

The state of Maryland requires all contractors to be registered to receive state payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT) before any contract exceeding $200,000 is approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works. Additionally, all vendors are encouraged to register to be paid electronically. The State has the ability to process vendor payments electronically using the CCD and CCD+ and CTX payment formats.

The CCD+ payment format will contain summarized information and will not provide details concerning each invoice amount included in the check total. However, vendors may obtain the detailed information on an electronic payment via the One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry System. The CTX payment format will contain the total payment amount and details concerning each invoice amount included in the check total.

Vendors must contact their bank in order to receive the CTX format, and the depositing bank may charge a fee for this format. Vendors need to discuss potential charges with their bank. If you want to receive all payments from the State using the Electronic Funds Transfer program, complete and submit form GADX-10 (fax or mail.)

Fax: 410-974-2309

Mailing address:

EFT Registration

General Accounting Division

P.O. Box 746

Annapolis MD 21404-0746



Questions can be directed to

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