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Recruitment and Training

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With a supportive pro-business climate, a highly skilled labor force of three million, a prime location for distribution, technology and bioscience incubators, and a variety of resources and programs at your fingertips, Maryland is the best place to take your business to the next level. The state has a diverse business community including numerous Fortune 500 companies and some of the nation’s fasting growing private companies. If you’re one of Maryland’s 160,000 businesses looking to grow in-state or establish an international presence, or just curious about state and federal programs for expanding businesses, learn more in the categories below.

Recruitment and Training — Covers a variety of training programs for entrepreneurs, commercial bankers, manufacturing and technology companies, and general small and mid-sized businesses looking to train or upgrade the skills of their workers.

Commercial Program Development — Improve your product through state and federal programs and take advantage of research conducted at Maryland’s many federal and academic research centers.

Networking — Sometimes the best ideas come from networking with local businesses and entrepreneurs. Make some connections with other businesses in your area.

Business to Government — Looking for new business opportunities? The federal government is right in Maryland’s backyard. From lawn services to computer equipment, the local, state and federal government buys everything. Learn how to tap this valuable market.

Expand to International Markets — Given its proximity to Washington D.C.’s international community, access to three international airports and a world-class port, and diverse workforce, Maryland is a natural launch pad for local companies looking to expand their reach to overseas markets.



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