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Government Contracting Information


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Business to Government Resources

Looking for new business opportunities? From lawn services to computer equipment, the government (local, state and federal) buys everything. These resources can assist you in identifying and pursuing new opportunities to do bu​siness with the government. 

Helpful Tips and Guides

Current Contracting Opportunities

Prime and General Construction Contractors​

Prime contractors and general construction contractors are businesses that are directly contracted by a customer. Looking to do business with them as a subcontractor or vendor? See list below to get connected.

Prime Contractors

General Construction Contractors

Subcontracting Resources

Are you a subcontractor searching for federal work? This directory contains federal resources for subcontractors, which are contracted by the prime contractor or other subcontractors. Some entries include a link to Mentor-Protégé Programs, which encourage approved large prime contractors (mentors) to assist eligible small business subcontractors as protégés.

Small Business Reserve Programs

Own a small business? Maryland's Small Business​ Reserve program consists of three programs to provide greater access and opportunity for small businesses seeking to do business with the state:

  • The Small Business Reserve Program targets small businesses registered with the Department of General Services where certain procurements may be designated as small business reserve only.

  • The Small Business Preference Program allows certified small businesses to enjoy a price preference over non-certified small businesses competing for the same contract award, with additional preferences for veteran-owned companies.

  • The Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprises Program establishes a 0.5 percent participation goal to increase contracts and subcontracts for veteran-owned companies.

Procurement Contacts

Looking for new procurement opportunities? Contact your state and local procurement officials to get started.

County Procurement Contacts

Procurement not only happens on the state level, but on the county level, too. Click a link below for insight on a county's procurement process and system.  

State Procurement Contacts – Buyer Agents

Sometimes you may need to contact a buyer agent when bidding for a state procurement contract. This list of state buyer agents includes department, name, title and phone number.