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Funding and Incentives

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Accessing capital and securing financing are essential to start or grow a business—driving innovation and creating jobs are the benefits.

Programs include venture capital investments and tax credits, direct loans, grants and loan guarantees. These programs work together to attract new companies to the state, encourage expansions and job creation, and revitalize our economy.  ​

​The best place to start is to browse options in our full database of funding incentives:  

Funding Incentives for Maryland Businesses

Are you in an Incentive Zone?

​Enter an address in the search bar below to see if your business falls within an incentive zone.​​

​​Incentives Tracking Tool and Reports

Maryland Finance Tracker 

Use the Maryland Finance Tracker tool ​to see how business agency grants, tax credits, equity investments and loan enhancements were distributed in previous years. Search and sort by company, amount, location and program.

Consolidated Incentives Performance Report FY2016​

We supported 584 businesses resulting in over 24,00​0 jobs and annual State tax revenues of $53.7 million​ in FY2016. Get some key stats on the various finance programs and tax incentives administered by the Department in our Consolid​ated Incentives Performance Report FY2016​.