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Workforce Development and Training

​​​​​​​Maryland seeks to promote economic growth and vitality by leveraging opportunities to develop a talent pipeline that aligns with industry needs. A variety of programs can help your business identify and train new workers, or upgrade the skills of your existing workers. 

The Maryland Department of Commerce creates innovative employer solutions that help to address a gap between an employer’s need for skilled workers and the ability to meet the training and education needs of workers to fuel the growing industries in the state. ​

​We offer customized workforce development plans and can connect you with resources and access to interns and direct employee pipelines. For more information regarding workforce training opportunities for your business, see our contacts section on this page.


Training Programs to Build Your Workforce

​Maryland WorkSmart - Employee Training Solutions worksmart2.png

Maryland WorkSmart​ is an employee training program between the Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC) and Maryland Department of Commerce. The program offers Maryland​ businesses an array of customized, relevant workforce training solutions. Using the strength of the Maryland community college network, WorkSmart will identify or build workforce training to meet your needs. Training takes place at Maryland WorkSmart centers located at our 16 community colleges across the state or onsite at your business location. 

The WorkSmart Advantage:

  • Customized training to meet your business needs
  • One point of contact for all 16 community colleges
  • Wide array of training readily available
  • Better value than private training

Contact Kathleen Habbel at 410-916-9198 or for more information. ​​

​Programs to Support Workforce Acquisition, Retention and Training

Maryland Business Works 

Maryland Business Works logoWith a substantial initial investment of $500,000 in business engagement funds, the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is eager to partner with Maryland’s businesses to support employer strategies for retention, growth and, expansion. The Maryland Business Works​ project requires a dollar-for-dollar match by the employer, which allows for an overall investment of $1 million in incumbent worker training.

Training funds can be used to upgrade the skills of current employees while also creating opportunities for new hires in in-demand occupations and skills. Participants completing the program will gain transferable skills or industry-recognized certifications or credentials, leading to potential career growth and increased wages. Projects will be industry-focused and employer-based, targeting small business, particularly at the local level.

Contact the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning at 410-767-2173 or email them for more information.

EARN Maryland

EARN Maryland logoEARN (short for Employment Advancement Right Now) Maryland is a state-funded, competitive workforce development grant program that can help you get the skilled workforce you need to compete and grow in important industry sectors.

How does EARN Maryland​ work? It invests in strategic industry partnerships from key economic sectors in every region to sustain and grow middle class jobs. Job readiness training may include GED preparation, occupational skills development, literacy advancement, transportation and childcare for Maryland's hard-to-serve jobseekers.

​Contact Mary Keller at 410-767-2017 for more information on EARN.​​​