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Military Personnel and Veteran-owned Small Business Loan Program (MPVSBLP)

​​​MPVSBLP provides no interest loans of up to $50,000, from one to eight years, for businesses owned by military reservists, veterans, National Guard personnel and for small businesses that employ or are owned by such persons.


No interest loans range from $1,000 to $50,000. Loan maturity will be from one to eight years. The loan repayment period usually will not exceed the useful life expectancy of the equipment to be purchased.  


Eligible applicants include businesses owned by military reservists and National Guard members called to active duty, and small businesses, with fewer than 50 employees that employ them.

For reservists or National Guard members called to active duty, Program funds must be used for payment of identifiable costs of the business, including general business expenses, which result from the call to active duty. The loan may be made at any time from the date of the call to active duty through the period ending six months after the end of the individual's active duty.

For service-disabled veterans, businesses owned by service-disabled veterans, and businesses employing service-disabled veterans, the purpose of the Program is to assist with the cost of making the home, motor vehicle, or place of employment of a service-disabled veteran accessible to individuals with disabilities, and to defray other necessary expenses.


Note: Due to expanded eligibility, the program has received a growing number of applications. As a result, the program has temporarily discontinued accepting new loan requests until existing applications are processed and the availability of funds is reevaluated.

For more information about the program​, eligibility details and how to obtain an application contact:

Mark Hendricks​
Grant Administrator/MD Veterans Trust
Maryland Department of Veterans ​​Affairs

Program Manager, Office of Finance Programs
Maryland Department of Commerce