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Small Business Development Financing Authority

Promotes the viability and expansion of businesses owned by economically and socially disadvantaged entrepreneurs, and also small businesses that do not meet the established credit criteria of financial institutions, and consequently are unable to obtain adequate business financing on reasonable terms through normal financing channels. Created in 1978, the nine members serve five-year terms.

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  • Celester A. Hall, Chairman; Director, Small Business Financing Agency


  • Christopher Brandt; Managing Partner, Audacious Inquiry, LLC
  • Susanne Brogan; Deputy Treasurer for Public Policy, Office of the State Treasurer
  • Deborah Goldberg; Vice President/SBA Lending, Susquehanna Bank
  • Anita Graham; Partner Opportunity, Capital Partners
  • Charles P. Martin; Regional Community Reinvestment Officer/Legal Division, M&T Bank
  • Deric Mims; Senior Vice-President, Sun Trust Bank/SBA Division
  • Samuel Dean
  • Paul Taylor; Executive Director, Baltimore City Small Business Resource Center


Robin Harris​​​
Meridian Management Group, Inc
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Baltimore, MD 21202 


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